Dr. Joe Wang


BDS (Otago) with Credit FICCDE FPFA
Associate (general) dentist of Better Smiles Bondi Junction

Dr. Joe Wang grew up and studied in New Zealand where he studied at University of Otago, New Zealand.

He first started his dental career in beautiful Sydney since 2011, working in various locations including in the CBD and Chatswood. He has been involved with the Australian Dental Association ever since working in Sydney and is a Recent Graduates Committee member of the NSW branch since 2013, advocating for the continued education and improvement for its young dentist members. He is the Chairman of the Recent Graduates Committee.

Joe’s main interest are orthodontics (braces) and cosmetic dentistry. Within this website which he developed, he hopes to educate and inform the public and his patients with the wide range of dental topics from orthodontics to fillings and keeping his professional peers up to date with the latest news about dentistry.

He also has his own blog which you can view here (will open in a new tab) and he re-developed our Better Smiles website!

Joe is multilingual (naturalised englishand mandarin speaker), and is currently learning how to speak Russian.

Dr. Joe is involved with:

  • Members of the Australian Dental Association (both Federal and NSW branch)
  • Progressive orthodontic provider (General dental practice)
  • Former chair of the Australian Dental Association (NSW Branch) Recent Graduates Committee
  • Member of the Sydney Dental Discussion Group – one of the first study groups established in Australia since the 1900s!
  • Fellow of the International College of Continuing Dental Education (Part of the Asia Pacific Dental Federation)
  • Fellow of the prestigious Pierre Fauchard Academy (main site, wikipedia)


We look forward to looking after you.


Dr. Joe  Wang
BDS (Otago) with Credit FICCDE FPFA